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Predictive Analytics in SaaS

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A SaaS platform for innovation

Foundation for advanced analytics

State-of-the-art geometric technologies and model-based AI in a cyber-secure software-as-a-service (SaaS). Configurable functional model for predictive analysis without coding.
See the impact of decisions on operations as well as financials.
Foundation for Operations

Easy to get started

A cloud-based SaaS that integrates with existing systems to immediately provide greater insight for better decision-making.
No long and expensive implementations required. Start configuring one module at a time for faster ROI.
Easy to Get Started

Built for complex supply network

Fully integrated with customers and suppliers for timely analysis and adjustments. You control the visibility of what they see.
Readily accessible data and information in usable formats with built in communication, collaboration and productivity tools.
Complex Supply Network

Zero-Tolerance cybersecurity

Built on a cyber secure platform for zero-tolerance where every call is validated. Does not depend on perimeter security (firewall) only.
Fully encrypted transmission with isolated and encrypted database not visible from outside.

Gain competitive advantages

Superior Operations
Creates visibility and alerts on unforeseen events
Job status updates in real-time for better on-time delivery
Cost savings by demand-driven operations and control for greater EBITDA
Better Decisions
On-demand assessment of "what-if" options for superior performance
Enhanced decisions with AI updated model in real-time
Customer focused analytics for costing and quoting for greater profits
Optimum Performance
Bold improvements with "proven" value of decisions beforehand
"What-if" options for product mix, processes, and technologies
Optimization of policies for increased effectiveness
Future Ready
Data-driven assessment of business opportunities for growth
Identify specific actions to reduce risk & build resiliency
Contingency plan for events like changes in demand and material cost

Used by industry leaders

General Motors Corporation
Automation Alley
Health and Human Services

What our customers are saying

Vayoom strengthens the team
"We are stronger as a team than an individual. Vayoom is an extension of that. Whether in military or civilian environment, it makes it easier to work together than individually."
- Director of Business Development
Easy and secure to run business
"Because Vayoom is cybersecure, we have all the insight we need in one safe place. By giving me easy and secure access to the insight I need, Vayoom allows me to focus on running my business."
- President
Growth with data at the right place at the right time
"We are not chasing data. Vayoom is very helpful because my team is not co-located. Subscribing to Vayoom ensures we have the insight we need to drive growth and new clients."
- Senior Project Manager
Customers to Suppliers Visibility in one place
“Vayoom helps coordinate procurement, manage parts delivery with suppliers, and provide greater visibility to the DoD for the DMSMS program. Having effective snapshots and details of our projects allows us to drill down deeper and have more control.”
- Program Manager
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