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Foundation for operations &
advanced analytics

State of the art geometric technologies, knowledge-based system, and AI in cyber secure software-as-a-service (SaaS).

See "before" & "after" impact of shop floor decisions on financial statements.

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Runs with existing systems to immediately provide greater insight for better decision making.

The software runs in the cloud. No long and expensive implementations required. Start configuring one module at a time for faster ROI.

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Easy to use

Built for complex supply network

Readily accessible data and information in usable formats with built in communication, collaboration and other productivity tools.

Fully integrated with customers and suppliers for timely analysis and adjustments. You control the visibility of what they see.

Our technology
Supply Network
Customer Feedback

What our customers are saying

We are stronger as a team than an individual. The software is an extension of that. Whether in military or civilian environment, it must be easier to work together than individually.
Director of Business Development
I have a cybersecure process in place and can just run my business. Everything is in the tool.
We are not chasing files. It is very helpful because my team is not co-located. It’s a decision for growth to get more business.
Senior Project Manager
It helps coordinate procurement, manage parts delivery with suppliers, and provide greater visibility to the DoD for the DMSMS program. It is helpful to have a snapshot of a project, drill down deeper and have more control.
Program Manager
Our Books: Processes & Methods

Predictive Operational Analytics

Profit Mapping - bookExecution Dynamics - book

McGraw-Hill, 2006

Amazon, 2012

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