Affordable Cyber Secure SaaS Solution

Our solution is cost-effective to implement and practical to use. You do not need an IT team because we take care of it for you.


Unlike enterprise applications like ERP and MES, Vayoom is beneficial for Small & Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs) at multiple levels from shop floor, engineering to senior management. Our cyber secure implementation safeguards your data, maintains privacy, and minimizes your exposure to cyber-attacks. You never lose your data; you can always roll-back.

Advanced Analytics

Geometric algorithms & expert system

Advanced analytics

We use proprietary geometric algorithms that require minimal data for greatest impact. This holistic approach to operations and resource management leads to enhanced financial performance. You reap the benefits faster.

Vayoom is a foundational expert system that you query to optimize your performance. Run various "What-If" scenarios to find the right operating conditions for you. It uses associative AI techniques of pattern recognition and data trending to generate templates based on your prior performance. Examples include creation of workflows, standard times, labor requirements and so on. This adds to the knowledge base coupled with rules-based and operations research algorithms to forecast the process performance and financial outcomes.

Process & Financial Dynamics

Optimizing competing dynamics for greater EBITDA

Financial View
Product Cost and Financials

Process and financial dynamics change at different rates. Only a dynamic system like Vayoom with both operational and financial analytics can manage this imbalance. It is critical to align production, which creates cost, with shipments to generate revenue. The ideal situation is to not hold any inventory, but that is not practical. Optimizing the amount and locations of all inventories for greatest EBITDA is a moving target everyday.

Process View
What is profit
User Role Focused

Functional modular apps

Vayoom is a modular collection of apps. Each has its own purpose and targets distinct need. It helps drill-down deeper to gain more control. Such a modular approach benefits from the larger shared dataset while shielding from unnecessary extraneous information.

This way you get started with what you need and add on as the needs grow. Vayoom can run side-by-side with other applications. It can share data to avoid duplication and fill the voids in your existing systems.

The software runs in the cloud. You don't need an IT team or a complex infrastructure for a long and expensive implementation. We take care of it for you. You configure each module with your data for faster ROI.

User role focused
Generalized Heterarchical Network

Shared visibility with suppliers & customers

Heterarchichal network

Vayoom is built on a cyber secure heterarchical network. You can grow your presence in the network to exchange information with customers and suppliers. Vayoom is unlike an outdated supply-chain model where your visibility in the network is restricted to your immediate customers and suppliers only. The heterarchy allows you to look beyond and communicate with the extended members in the network.

You control the visibility of information. The strict cybersecurity prevents your collaborators from seeing any unauthorized information. You are in control at all times.

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