About Us


Anil Menawat, Ph.D.


Anil is a manufacturing industry specialist with experience in operations and information technologies (IT/OT), and business turnaround. He has delivered technology solutions to improve profitability and growth. He serves on the board of a defense contractor.

Vibha Menawat, PMP


Vibha is a certified Project Manager (PMP) with experience working with several corporations such as Capgemini and General Motors. She has managed many global projects across continents.

James O'Sullivan, MBA

VP - Europe

James has diverse experience in managing finance, human resources, and information technology. He has helped several small-medium enterprises achieve greater efficiencies.

Turned around bankrupt manufacturing businesses

Transformed operations for optimum performance

Selling manufacturing software since 1997

We are performance improvement specialists. We developed manufacturing operation analysis software using geometric systems theory. We are data driven and use AI with advanced analytics to assess and find practical solutions. Our corporate and private equity partners hire us to turnaround underperforming manufacturing businesses. Creating visibility through our software for manufacturing operations and decision-making consistently results in high EBITDA. Wanting access to our software, customers encouraged us to transition into a software vendor.

Our knowledge-based systems technologies combine operations analysis with financials to create greater profits and sustainable growth. Attention to fundamentals and details such as customer and supplier relationships,  shop floor performance, and standardized process design are at the crux. Our software ensures access to accurate information at the right place at the right time in the right format without delay. We strongly believe these are the essential requirements for successful manufacturing businesses.

Our books on "Operational Predictive Analytics"

Profit Mapping - bookExecution Dynamics - book

McGraw-Hill, 2006

Amazon, 2012

Our Values

What drives us!

Our customers are our priority. We collaborate with them to build long term relationships.
Mathematics, knowledge-based systems, AI, and geometric systems theory drives our innovation!
Years of shop floor and business turnaround experience with systems thinking gives us unique insight.
Working one-on-one with customers and applying analytical thinking we seek out creative solutions.
We are dependable and friendly. We listen, watch and then deliver practical solutions with high standards.
We take pride in our work. We know our technology and are confident to deliver value to you!
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