The story behind the name Vayoom

The story behind the name Vayoom

Vibha Menawat

Vayoom is a play on the sanskrit word "Vyom", which literally means "space". It is a technical term for ancient sciences of connectedness, mathematics, and geometry. It is the study of interactions among systems to predict actions and their timing to maintain dynamic equilibrium. Systems theory, systems thinking, cybernetics, and control systems are its current variations.

“Vayoom” seems a fitting name for:

  • dynamic interactions among various aspects of operations
  • geometric algorithms for analysis and optimization
  • feed-back control, and so on

The use of geometric algorithms reduces complexity without losing connectedness with the rest of the system. The fluidity in defining the analytical space from the user's query is at it's core. Vayoom is not a rigid data system that only presents reports; it uses advanced mathematics to create a trusted guide for better and profitable decisions.

You will like the journey and benefits that come with it.

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